Trigeminal neuralgia

No more gabapentin for me.
I was on close to 4,000mg of gabapentin daily for my neuropathy pain, and still had the burning of the feet and electrical shocks to the hands. Trigeminal neuralgia is a severe face pain condition, which is also one of my lovely diagnoses, along with systemic lupus. The overall diagnosis from my neurologist is autonomic neuropathy.
Since I have been on the protocol for 2 years, I am off all pharmaceutical drugs and the symptoms are greatly reduced. My neurologist has been supportive of the protocol , because he has seen my improvements. I can stay on my feet longer, and it seems to reduce the flares of my face pain. I no longer walk around like a zombie due to the massive amounts of gabapentin.
I am staying on the protocol, because it works !
A big thank you to everyone involved, especially Bob.

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