Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Protocol?

The Protocol is a series of 12 specific vitamins and minerals that are consumed at therapeutic levels during certain times of the day, while increasing hydration using water, and avoiding symptom triggers.

This recipe has been proven by its users to support accelerated healing in the body and specifically of the Peripheral Nerves.

Where Can I Buy The Protocol?
As of today that answer is from our website
Does the Protocol work just as well for people with neuropathy caused by traumatic injury to the nerve?
If the nerve still exists and the insult causing the injury has been relieved, then YES. Peripheral Nerves do heal, and the Protocol is the best nutrient supplement to encourage the body's natural ability to heal. Do not augment the Protocol with other vitamin supplements particularly B6.
What is Ramp Up?
Ramping Up, it's under a one week process. It is a simple process too. The following is some background that will help you appreciate the need to follow the procedure. The key element of the Protocol is na R Alpha Lipoic Acid at 1200 mg per day . The process we call Ramp Up involves only the na R ALA. Alpha Lipoic Acid also known as ALA and is available in a few forms, na R ALA, R ALA, S ALA, and a 50/50 blend of S ALA with R ALA. S ALA is a weaker and lower grade form of R ALA. If you don't see the letter R before ALA and you don't see the letter S before ALA then that form of ALA is S ALA. As of this posting, GeroNovo Research is the foremost manufacturer of na R ALA in the United States. na R ALA is also the costliest element in the Protocol and is the essential antioxidant for cellular function and energy production. It serves as a co-factor to the mitochondrial enzymes during cellular respiration. In other words, it is the energy force our cells. Google Scholar is loaded with complex scientific data regarding na R ALA and presents the safe peak therapeutic dosage of 1200 mg daily. na R ALA is the sodium stabilized version of R ALA. na R ALA and it contains a few milligrams of sodium to enhance the uptake/acceptance of na R ALA into the human cell. Our chemistry allows our cells to absorb compounds containing small amounts of sodium at a greater rate through our cellular walls. We used the bulk na R ALA in the production of our Ramp Up 100 mg capsule. For Ramp Up purposes, the following fact about na R ALA is key. na R ALA is nearly 10 times more powerful than ALA. This is the reason for Ramp Up when you are going to ingest therapeutic amounts of na R ALA. if one were to begin to swallow 1200 mg of na RALA daily without acclimating to it first, the body's digestive system reaction to this powerful antioxidant may be a sour stomach or nausea. This is where Ramping Up comes in, 100 mg every few hours gets you used to taking 1200mg daily. Additional information and details on the different kinds of ALA can be found in a group search when you enter the words "is all ala the same". Another fact about na RALA is that it functions even more efficiently when it is combined with Acetyl L-Carnitine which acts like a supercharger. All ALA consumes sizable amounts of Biotin from the body. Absorbing Biotin is one reason we supplement therapeutic amounts of Biotin in the midday product which is separated at least 2 hours from the morning and evening servings of the Protocol's 600 mg of na R ALA AM/PM. Many new users of the Protocol tell us "why do I have to Ramp Up, I already take 600 mg of ALA per daily and have for years" and the reason was just explained, all ala is not the same. 2 Let's get on to Ramp Up. There are two primary videos that were produced in 2018 that you can search for in a group search, they are listed as Ramping Up or Ramp Up Video produced by the Protocol developer and group founder Bob Diamond. Ramp Up requires one bottle of 100 mg na R ALA which comes with Ramp Up Plus (the 30, 60 or 90 Day Protocol). The following are the basic Ramp Up instructions, you may adapt them slightly if it makes you feel more comfortable to do so. In the Ramp Up bottle we provide #120 capsules to enable you to stretch the process out if you would like. The goal is to reach 1200 mg in one day which is equal to 12 capsules. Use 12 Ramp Up capsules comfortably (6 caps AM and 6 caps PM) for 2 days before you discontinue swallowing the 12 100 mg capsules daily. Once you reach 1200 (on day 3) discontinue using that bottle of 100 mg capsules and start using ALL of the Protocol bottles including the GeroNovo 2/2 AM & PM 300 mg na R ALA RAMPING UP - Here's how it works again, on day one you take a 100 mg capsule of na R ALA in the Ramp Up bottle every two to three waking hours. On day two if your stomach handled the number of capsules that you took the day before comfortably then add a second capsule, now you will be taking two 100 mg capsules every 2 to 3 hours. Remember to drink plenty of water. Plenty of water is defined as 80 to 100 oz of water daily. Water is what we mean when we say water. We don't mean a diet soda and we don't mean sweet tea we mean H2O. if during this process you sense any heartburn eat a couple of bites of a banana when you consume the na R ALA. This is what is referred to as a "fatty meal" and in this case we suggest a banana, it's light and offsets the acidity being introduced into the stomach. If you are awake for 12 hours a day or longer, you should be able to consume 400 mg of na R ALA 100mg capsules in one day. If on day one you have no stomach distress add another capsule and you will be at 800 by the end of day two, 1200 by day 3. If you did have some distress on day one, then on day two repeat what you did on day one, stick with the 400 mg again, a capsule every few hours over the 12 hours. remember the banana. Following these instructions by day three you should be comfortably consuming 1200 mg in a day, maybe day 4 during the Ramp Up process. Take no other elements of the Protocol during Ramp Up. Discard the 100mg Ramp Up bottle and begin using the Protocol bottles, each having instructions directing you to how many capsules and how often. Responsibly Ramping Up insures a comfortable acclimation to 1200 mg of na R ALA daily. We never say good luck, we say Best Of Outcomes because #theprotocolworks
Why The Protocol?
WHY THE PROTOCOL? Because we've assembled the correct collection of elements at the recommended therapeutic levels in an easy to consume blended collection contained within four bottles and divided among 10 capsules daily. Rolling back the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy is WHY the Protocol exists and it will work given the chance! Here is a sampling of scholarly articles you should become familiar with. It is not possible to consume enough of the proper vitamins and minerals in our food known to support neural regeneration within the peripheral nervous system. Supplementation is necessary according to most researchers to facilitate accelerated natural healing which leads to recovery. na R ALA 1200 mg - Alpha-lipoic acid is an antioxidant made by the body. It is found in every cell, where it helps turn glucose into energy. Antioxidants attack "free radicals," waste products created when the body turns food into energy. Free radicals cause harmful chemical reactions that can damage cells, making it harder for the body to fight off infections. They also damage organs and tissues Chelated Magnesium 400 mg - Magnesium is the fourth abundant mineral ion in the human body. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 kinds of enzymatic reactions (Alawi et al., 2018) and various metabolic cycles, playing a significant role in cellular energy metabolism, synthesis of nucleic acid, protein, and cytokine, regulation of various transporters and ion channels, and plasma membrane integrity (Romani, 2011; de Baaij et al., 2015). Therefore, it is necessary to take magnesium regularly for preventing magnesium deficiency B1 Thiamine 50 mg - Altogether, vitamin B1 (thiamine) plays a pivotal role in the process of nerve regeneration: in nerve cells, it facilitates the usage of carbohydrates for energy production and protects them against oxidative stress, resulting in normalized pain sensation and reduced hyperexcitability. B2 Riboflavin 50 mg - A 2017 review indicates that supplementing with B vitamins has the potential to promote nerve repair. This may be because B2 can speed up nerve tissue regeneration and improve nerve function. B vitamins may also be useful in relieving pain and inflammation. B3 Niacin 20 mg - Among the B vitamins, niacin has long been recognized as a key mediator of neuronal development and survival and may be of value for the treatment of neuropathy Biotin 20000 mcg - Biotin can be considered as a potential therapeutic for the treatment of neuropathic pain, and supplementation with this vitamin could reduce the required doses of analgesic drugs B Vitamin discussion Organic Flaxseed Oil 2000 -Flaxseed oil provides a good source of omega-3 fatty acid, and it is believed to be able to protect the damaged nerve cell for successful nerve recovery Methylfolate 400 mcg - methylfolate is the active form of folic acid. The administration of l-methylfolate has been associated with increased levels of nitric oxide, thereby increasing blood flow to the peripheral nerve tissue. Methylcobalamin B12 4000 mcg - Methylcobalamin helps in the synthesis of neuronal lipids, regeneration of axonal nerves and has neuroprotective activity, which promote neurons to function in proper way and thus improves Alzheimer disease, Parkinsonism, Dementia and neuropathic syndromes. It is an approved treatment for peripheral neuropathy Acetal L Carnitine 500 mg - The amino acid acetyl‐L‐carnitine (ALC) plays a role in the transfer of long‐chain fatty acids into mitochondria for β‐oxidation. ALC supplementation also induces neuroprotective and neurotrophic effects in the peripheral nervous system K2 as MK7 100 mcg - also known as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) is a form of vitamin K that has health-beneficial effects in osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and peripheral neuropathy D3 50 mcg - It has been shown in vivo studies that vitamin 03 improves axonogenesis and sensory neural response in peripheral nerve and improves electrophysiological recovery.
Can children use the Protocol?
It's all about the weight of the human being. If the child is 125 pounds. it's probably perfectly safe. If the child is 60 pounds, the volume should be adjusted? In the link below is a printout ... "How to work with your doctor" If he says it's not going to hurt the child then use it. I
What are the ingredients in the Protocol?
Active Ingredients:
B1, B2, B3, B7, Flaxseed Oil, Na R ALA, D3, Chelated Magnesium, Folate, Methylcobalamin B12, K2, Acetal L Carnitine ... 10 capsules total: 4 in the AM, 2 Midday and 4 in the PM.
Are there studies published here that show the possibility of myelin repair?
The human body has an amazing natural ability to repair myelin and get nerves working properly again. Myelin is repaired or replaced by special cells in the brain called oligodendrocytes. These cells are made from a type of stem cell found in the brain, called oligodendrocyte precursor cells (OPCs). The research on myelin restoration is publicly available on Google and Google scholar and the New England journal of medicine.
Will this help any type of peripheral neuropathy?
Yes. Peripheral nerves respond exceptionally to this nutritional supplement formula that supports accelerated healing. Short fiber & long fiber axonal damage are encouraged to heal faster.
How Much Does The Protocol Cost Per Day?
The Full Protocol which consists of Vitamin and Mineral Capsules costs $6.00 cost per day delivered in the USA.*
Why Do I Still Feel Bad Since Starting The Protocol?
HEALING is the reason. Nerve awakenings and the process of healing causes nerves to react unpredictably and can at times be intense. These uncomfortable sensations come and go as the strengthening and rebuilding of cellular walls and axonal nerve sheaths.
How Long Do I Have to take The Protocol For?
If you want your symptoms to remain at bay, we see no end from experience. Peripheral Neuropathy is NOT curable, but its symptoms will continue to be relieved to an undeterminable point if you follow the course of supplementation, hydration and the avoidance of symptom triggers like certain medications, alcohol and sugars.
I Want to Remove One of The Protocol Ingredients. Can I? Should I?
The simple answer is NO. The Protocol IS.
Can I Take More of The Protocol Components Than Directed?
In a word, NO.
Why Are the Midday Capsules Used Midday?
The midday capsules contain Biotin (vitamin B7). The morning and evening capsules that contain stabilized R-ALA will absorb Biotin if they are taken at the same time. It is for this reason that we separate them by two to three hours.
Should I Be On a Special Diet?
A healthy lifestyle that respects healthy and balanced fresh food choices are all that is required for human beings to thrive.
Why Do I Have To Drink So Much Water When Taking The Protocol?
From the moment we are born we begin to dehydrate. Our body’s cells and organs are made of at least 65% water. You do not have to break a sweat to dehydrate. The simple act of sitting in a chair in an air-conditioned environment causes dehydration. Proper hydration is defined by introducing 64 ounces of water into the body per day when you are NOT using nutritional supplements. We recommend that 80 to 100 ounces of water be consumed when using The Protocol so the body can not only properly absorb the additional nutrients being offered to it, but discard the unneeded excess through natural processing in the kidneys. Hydrated cells and organs operate at their best, and that is the condition that we strive to achieve.
How Can The Protocol Dosages Be The Same for People Who May Weigh Much Different Amounts?
Your body will absorb what it needs and it will discard the rest. That is one of the main reasons effective hydration is so important while taking The Protocol.
Can I Have an “Adult Beverage” when on The Protocol?
One day you will earn that privilege. The time will come when you can honestly proclaim that your symptom discomfort has reduced from a 10+ off the charts down to 0, or a tolerable 1-3. At that time and ONLY at that time can the dehydration caused by alcohol be tolerated by the body.
My Doctor Says That My B12 Level (or Other Levels) Are Too High?
Your Physician may not be interpreting your lab work in a manner congruent to therapeutic vitamin and mineral therapy. Speak to a Naturopathic or Functional Medicine Physician who has been duly informed of The Protocol therapy about the same lab result, and you will likely hear a different interpretation.
Why Shouldn’t I Supplement B6, I Have Heard I Should? Why Is It Not Part of The Protocol?
The adult RDA for B6 is 2mg, which is easily reached through almost any regular diet. Unlike other B vitamins, B6 remains in the muscles, and will actually cause peripheral neuropathy. According to the National Institutes of Health, B6 levels above 50 µg/L can be considered approaching toxic. This phenomenon is called B6 Toxicity. Search “B6 Toxicity” on the web or in our Facebook community for more information.
I Have Heard That Food In Your Stomach Is Necessary When Taking The Protocol?
When supplementing, the therapeutic volume of additional nutrients entering into the stomach are being processed by stomach acid and if the supplements are the only contents in the stomach, their value will be greatly diminished by digestion prior to absorption. Just like many prescription drugs will have a warning on the label that says ‘take with food”, a vitamin and mineral based nutritional supplement should also be taken with food.
How Long Should it be Before I Expect Results?
Every human being is different. Compliance is key. The level of peripheral nerve damage and an individual’s overall health condition play a role in determining recovery. We have reports of days to weeks to months. Everyone is different in that regard and there is no one size fits all answer. What is a known fact is this, like house plants, we require sunshine, nutrients and water to thrive. Remove one of those elements and we will cease to survive.
I Live Outside the USA. Can You Ship To Me?
In most cases, yes. Contact us and include your shipping address to receive a quote. A 90-day supply is the most cost effective way to export The Protocol from the USA.
If Your Feet And Toes Are Constantly Cold, Are The Nerves Still Able To Heal?
Yes, cold does not mean the nerves are completely unable to heal.
Are there other products and services you recommend?
Yes, we recommend a number of therapeutics, vitamins, foods, and other items based on our experience and the experiences of our group members. You can find links to all recommended products here.
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