Spinal Stenosis, Peripheral Neuropathy

I would like to send a shout out to Bob and the team. I’ve been on the Protocol since 2016! Thanks to the tenacity and dedication of Bob and team my life has improved! I’ve lost the stabbing, zinging and burning side effects of peripheral neuropathy! I took the leap of faith and stopped Topamax with the blessings of my Rheumatologist. I’ve learned to say no to drugs that mask symptoms. Just last month for my spinal stenosis the specialist wanted to prescribe Gabapentin and it was a big no!
I feel like I’m healing from the inside slowly. I had peripheral neuropathy from 2004 so I know it took time for it to progressively get worse so just be patient to get the benefits from this gold standard Protocol!
One last tidbit! Get your Vitamin D checked! I’ve always enjoyed the sun and never thought I’d be severely deficient! It goes hand in hand with other health issues.
Take care of yourself and best of health to everyone who reads this!
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