Small Fiber Neuropathy (SFN)

Second Report (22/12/20):
[First report included below for reference]
Chuffed to be able to report a significant pain reduction this month! Now I have not experienced such a reduction given all the many alternatives that I have tried over the last couple of years, and that journey of alternatives has cost me in excess of £20k!!!
So as I prepare to leave 2020 I have an increased sense of belief/optimism/hope and most of all gratitude – so thanks Bob, and others for sharing stories that enabled me to take the plunge two months ago in starting on the protocol journey.
I have been reluctant to share this update for fear of waking up tomorrow and the progress to have retreated and the pain raging, however, in the spirit of being positive – this is ruddy marvelous news and I look forward to posting further progress as the months roll on and tagging in the #theprotocolworks!
Have a splendid Christmas all
First report (25/11/20):
Just got through my first set of protocol bottles (30 day supply), no noticeable difference in my condition (very early days, so not expected either), strangely (unless someone can advise a rationale) I would say that I have been feeling physically fatigued, and waking up after a 9 hour sleep tired, which is strange as:
a) I would have expected a boost given the nutrition that the supplements provide
b) my diet is now super clean, I have always avoided diary/gluten and consumed lots of meat and fish, however, I have significantly reduced my fruit intake and substituted with tons of vegetables – this for me is a big deal – I am not a fan of vegetables but after investing in a soup maker it has been a game changer – highly recommend.
c) I have been investing in going to bed early.
My head remains in an optimistic place, hope that others who started around the same time are progressing well too.
I’ll post at the end of each bottle/30 days and hopefully I’ll be able to journal my path to a pain free / reduction life.
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