SFN, Autoimmune disease

I wanted to write a post to remind us all about a very basic thing we can all do at home to feel better (in addition to the very amazing Protocol, of course) and that is proper nutrition! Good, wholesome nutrition. So, here I am this morning with my green vegetable juice (which believe me, is tastier than it sounds) and I thought about a lot of us that are in pain, maybe can’t afford the Protocol, are waiting for the Protocol, just started, etc. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of proper nutrition when it comes to disease. Things that help: whole, single ingredient foods such as plants, eggs, meat, etc. A chicken breast with a big serving of greens is going to go a long way in helping your nerves versus a meal of processed foods, a lot of sugar/carbs, or fast food/take out (MSG is not your friend!) – the goal is to get your nutrients, especially the important micronutrients your body so desperately needs, from food, especially plants. Eating sugar, especially of the processed variety, is only going to make your neuropathy worse. If you are diabetic, strongly consider a low-carb, ketogenic diet in addition to the protocol here. If you have a toxin induced neuropathy from chemo, heavy metal exposure, or even neuropathy from antibiotic poisoning or other drug poisoning, your cells NEED and require a surplus of nutrients, along with a lot of water, to recoup and recover. So, if you do anything differently today, make smarter choices with food. Do this for yourself. I realize that cookies, chocolate and french fries are delicious and can become a vice when we are in pain, but they are only going to make things worse for you.

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