Polyneuropathy, Diabetic

Hi everyone! Thought I’d post an update. I’ve been on the protocol for 1 1/2 years with up and downs. Have had several awakenings over this time but have to admit this last one lasted for several months and I was losing hope that it would go away. I was thinking this morning that my feet were feeling so much better the last few days! Yay! My feet had started turning numb with shooting pains all night long and I hadn’t experienced this at all to this point. Diagnosed with poly neuropathy of legs and arms in Nov 2017 but never had experienced anything with foot pain like this. I kept pushing more water and kept on going. I am diabetic and about a month ago my new doctor took me off of my insulin since only on a small dose and started on Trulicity and since then my sugars have come down significantly. I had worked hard with diet for 2 years now because I had no choice. If I ate too many carbs other than veggie carbs my sugar would shoot sky high. Basically, wanted to share for those struggling with new pains. I have pains that have disappeared completely, and new ones arrived, but I continue to be on full protocol, but my pain is better since I started so I’m not going back. Free from Gabapentin!! (Which Increased my pain and kept me depressed and confused) This is my new normal and I will take it! #theprotocolworks
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