PN, SFN, Trigeminal neuralgia

I’ve been adhering to the #theprotocolworks for two months. I was finally able to stop taking Cymbalta about a 8 days ago. Cymbalta is very hard to stop taking, having been on it since 2004. I titrated down to 20 mg from 60 mg Cymbalta, then bridged with 10 mg Prozac for 5 days. Glad I’m done with Cymbalta.
After being off all psychotropic drugs for 3 days, I began have painful electrical discharges and involuntary movements in my feet, legs, back and neck. The neuropathy pain in my feet peaked about 5 days ago, and I haven’t had any neuropathy pain at all since. My feet are still numb, but improving. I can walk better, my balance is improving, as is my sense of smell. My fatigue is still there, but I’ll work through that.
I’ll post more as things continue to improve. I haven’t posted much here until now. I didn’t want to jinx myself.
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