PN, Autoimmune disease, Rheumatoid arthritis

I am sitting here at my desk – which used to be my favorite place to sit before my neuropathy started. I have avoided my desk for almost a year now because my feet were so horrible and annoying – I honestly couldn’t handle it. But now I am happily sitting here and my feet aren’t burning or tingling or bothering me at all. Yeah, my toes are numb but my entire foot used to be numb, so I’m still calling this a victory – NEW NORMAL.
Anyway, I’m sitting here at my happy place, counting my blessings because I am in the process of packing for a trip. It’s my 31st birthday tomorrow and I am going out of town for an entire week (yes, I have the protocol packed, hemp seed oil and all!) A few of my girlfriend’s and I are going up north to a resort on Lake Superior. Honestly, just two months ago I couldn’t have imagined this. I am driving 5 hours to get there and I know my feet will be just fine and dandy. I know my neuropathy won’t cause me any pain or unbearable annoyance while I am on my trip. I was so devastated when my neuropathy started. I truly thought my life was over. I finally stopped asking “why me?” and instead started asking, “what now?” I did a lot of reading and research, I changed my diet, I found this group and with the help of

Bob and the Protocol, I have changed my life. And now I am going on an actual vacation. I feel overcome tonight by how blessed I feel. Life is good again. #theprotocolworks
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