Peripheral Neuropathy, Ulnar neuropathy

#theprotocolworks. My Bob has been on the Protocol since July 29, and I can already see little things changing!! We went shopping a few days ago, and he looked around in the “huge” store, Andersons, for over three hours!! I was the one that was worn out and hurting! He rode an electric cart, but still this is a great milestone for him! He talks my ear off, when before he “snoozed” a lot in front of the tv! LOL So many little things that I see. He has pain, etc. only in the ankle and heel instead of the whole foot, now. He is still having muscle spasms in legs, but not nearly as bad or as often. Thank you, again, Bob Diamond. He cannot stand alone, needs a walker constantly, due to the nerves in his heels being damaged. We are hoping the Protocol will help in this area, too. I have great faith that he will gradually improve–will keep you posted. If you are reading this and haven’t started the Protocol, I urge you to do so!

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