Peripheral Neuropathy, Kidney disease

I have been on The Protocol for two years in January and plan to continue. After three surgeries on my back and neck and no relief, I tried every pain med available to no avail. I also tried physical therapy many times from many different sources, acupuncture, pain shots, and pain clinics for relief. Nothing helped, the pain pills only spaced me out and made me sick. All my doctors simply told me there was nothing they could do. I was looking for solutions on my own and came across the Protocol. I can’t say the pain is gone but it is tolerable and there have been many pleasant side effects. I am no longer tried all the time, I sleep better, and my kidneys are back to normal (from stage three kidney disease). That’s more than any pill the doctors prescribed could do for sure. So I will continue and hope to improve even more over time.

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