Peripheral Neuropathy, IBS

My cold feet warmed up on Day 2 or 3 of Protocol, so, of course, I expected signs of even more progress to follow very soon. Instead, my legs and feet started bothering me even more than they had before, and I developed new elimination issues and severe fatigue. Now I was starting to wonder whether it had been wise to put so much faith in the Protocol. Then, after reading another member’s post, I realized I’d been using the wrong type of spoon to measure my hemp seed oil and had been taking too little, so I corrected that error, and, lo and behold, my previous issues began to disappear. That was two days ago. Today, for the first time since I developed PN (10 months ago), I was finally able to wear my zip-up hi-top sneakers, walk to various places doing errands, carry around 3 bags of groceries and sit on the bus for 20 minutes –all of which I did without the least discomfort or fatigue. Tomorrow will be my 21st day on the Protocol, I now know for sure that #theprotocolworks!

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