Peripheral Neuropathy, Floxed, Degenerative Disc Disease

After years of taking Gabapentin and Cymbalta, I am completely off both and able to stay off because I am on the protocol. Until I started the protocol, my neuropathy had been steadily getting worse. Then I was prescribed Levaquin for pneumonia, and it caused my neuropathy to soar. Because of the side effects from the Levaquin (there have been many that are life changing), I began to question the possible long term side effects of the other prescriptions I was taking. The more I researched, the more I was convinced I needed to find another way besides what pharmaceuticals had to offer. As it was, the meds I was on were not very effective anyways, and they were only masking my symptoms, and not even very well. When I came into this group, I looked at each of the elements, researched them, talked to my doctor, and decided (with a thumbs up from my doctor) to give the Protocol a try. For the first time in years, my neuropathy is not progressing, and symptoms are improving. I am, as an added and unexpected bonus, starting to feel improvement from the Levaquin issues as well. #theprotocolworks – it really, really does.

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