Peripheral Neuropathy, CSS/EGPA

Just a quick heads up, I have been lurking but not active. Had a few setbacks with cardiac problems on top of my CSS/EGPA and neuropathy…and started weaning off the prednisone. Once off (3 weeks ago) all heart problems have ceased, except for some calcium build up in arteries. I have continued with the protocol and am feeling bl**dy good!! In fact, scary as it may seem to me in waking hours, in the middle of the night, my husband and I are off to visit my brother in Hawaii for two weeks over July4th Party season!. My first time out and about of the house in nearly 2 years!!!. Also on researching what will help rid my arteries of the calcium as I am refusing statins… K2 and most of the rest of the Protocol are right up there. SO not only is the Protocol great for PN but also your whole health – Say YES to the Protocol! #theprotocolworks

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