Peripheral Neuropathy, Cardiological

Hi Everyone,
I’m checking in like a new member because I had to get my personal things in order before I ordered the Protocol Products.
This is my second day and maybe I am dreaming, but I feel better already!!!! I am in a better mood and frame of mind than I have been in a long time! I took my vitamins for the first time yesterday, and after the initial morning first movement down the hallway, I could feel my feet. It scared me, I was like ” hello, who are you”. I could actually feel them on the floor. They had a unique sensation feeling I can’t quite describe, but normally I have tears in my eyes from the horrific pain and numbness. I have a terrible injury on my big toe from last week when I stepped on a big sharp rock by our pool and cut myself and did not even know it. Well I feel it now due to feeling again.
I don’t want to ramble on and jinx myself because I am over the moon on day 2. The rain in FL has finally gone, and the sun is out, so I am going to swim and get some well needed exercise.
Just wanted to share my feelings with this group that has encouraged me to try to help myself, no one else can, right? So I hope I’m not premature in saying on day 2 #theprotocolworks
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