Peripheral Neuropathy, Cardiological

OMG. ( Yes, another update ) I don’t believe it. I drove today, the first time since April 20th. Once the nervousness subsided, everything felt ( gasp ) normal. The gas pedal, the brake pedal, the steering wheel, my reflexes, my reaction time, the annoying pain in my left knee against the door….I don’t believe it. Again, in July, I needed two canes to get from the couch to the bathroom. Today I drove twenty miles. I leave you with this thought. Do yourself a New Years gift and do not give up. If you are lurking and unsure, if you are early into the protocol and feeling either defeated or daunted. Do what Bob always said to me. DO NOT GIVE UP…..there is no blue print to “reversing” or “curing” or “healing” neuropathy. Measuring in hours, or days, or even weeks is futile and will drive you crazy. I can now speak not only as a trusting, hopeful follower.  I can speak from my own experience and results. I wish you all a happy, healthy, and sorry, I will not wish you a pain free new year, it is that pain that will drive you to a higher ground, motivate you to another level, to be consistent, to do what you can to ultimately get to your new normal and stare this in the face and say ” I won ” because the support here is priceless and #theprotocolworks Peace to all.

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