Peripheral Neuropathy, B6 toxicity

I haven’t been on for awhile as my son was home from college and out summers are so short but I’ve been talking to my Internist, a Natural Path & checking out some things. FRIDAY I finally had my long awaited appointment with the best & only Neurologist in Madison that specializes in Neuropathy. First, I want to give credit here for telling me about testing for B6 toxicity as I asked another Neuro for the test & it came back that I was toxic. I also asked for a punch biopsy too which also came back saying positive for small fiber neuropathy. My Internist has been great through all of this as he said there’s usually a cause of everything but he could lose his license plus pay a big fine for not doing everything the Conventional route. So he approved Bob’s treatment & also approved me seeing a Natural Path. I was grasping at straws & realize we all have different conditions but I paid to see this natural path whom said that we all have mineral deficiencies. So during talking to him he said that I probably have 7 conditions and he was right on all of them. He said that magnesium is an important mineral we all need plus 89 other ones. He said my body doesn’t properly absorb calcium & magnesium but by taking it in small liquid amounts that it would be introduced in to my bones instead of just floating around in my blood. I’m telling my Internist, “How could he know?” He’s like, “well we are paid to tell you that you have such & such, then give you drugs which are nothing more than a band aid which also lines the pockets of big Pharma.” He didn’t hold anything back as he & his wife have 4 kids. I guess since I’ve been seeing him so long he was like my old retired Dr. & told me some things he shouldn’t but he wasn’t holding back. We are what we eat & our soil is so depleted that it’s impossible for us to get all our 90 essentials. Insurance simply doesn’t pay for this either. Ok, so with his blessing I went way over my budget in seeing this natural path & ordering the liquid 90 Essential minerals & nutrients. He has no financial interest by the way, but the distributor does get a commission. He also talked to me to stay away from the 12 bad foods but then added #13 as I was told not to consume white rice either. I ordered them from a woman in my state, took them and hours later the calcium & magnesium came out of me so my body doesn’t absorb them like he said. Now I take those in lower dozes & it could take 3 months to see results but I am also continuing Bob’s protocol at the same time.
Anyway, with that huge mouthful, I saw the Neurologist that sent me pages to fill out & he did a thorough exam, complimented me & my Internist on all we did, then told me he wanted to order 5 tests of which the 1st was a B6 toxicity test plus he wanted to see me back then. He told me to continue doing what I’ve been doing but I got this feeling he wasn’t as open as my Internist in his outside Conventional medicine thoughts but I could see it. I’m going in Monday to do all the tests & will tell you what happens. I don’t know if it’s against the groups guidelines but please tell me as its not selling a product but rather a list of the 13 bad foods to stay away from. I’m feeling better but not where I want to be yet. I’ll post back more later. My Internist doesn’t want me on any meds or the bad foods though.
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