Peripheral Neuropathy

I’ve had neuropathy for over 20 years now, I have been on the protocol for four years and it has done remarkable for me! It took about 4-6 months to make a difference, but after that, my pain has been almost gone! Have a little tingling late in the evening but no severe pain! Every once in a while, if I eat too much sugar or mistreat my feet by being on them too much, I may have some slight pain, but nothing like I originally had! I still have some trouble with my balance when walking (rough ground is bad), but I probably should really walk more than I do, and my balance might be better! I also take a liquid CBD for arthritis, and it may also be helping the pain, don’t know, but helps the arthritis so I keep taking it! I think you have to lay off of sugar, starches and alcohol for the protocol to really help, especially in the beginning! And keep up as much walking exercise as possible! That seems to help! Hope my info helps those of you that are not having success!

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