Peripheral Neuropathy

Well something good is happening. I have been on the protocol for a month now. My blood pressure is clocking in at all time lows and is 10-20 points below where it was when ON Losartan which I discontinued almost two weeks ago.
My sleep is improved even after discontinuing 50 mg of diphenhydramine I took before bed for almost 20 years and could never seem to shake before. I haven’t taken it since starting the protocol. I still have issues waking up 4-6 hours after going to bed and not getting back into deep sleep after waking so looking for suggestions there.
I can’t say my neuropathy pain has decreased yet, but am hopeful that is coming with these other very positive changes. I’ve always been pretty healthy, ate reasonably well and worked out daily, so while I may have improved my diet some since starting the protocol, these feel like pretty positive changes so far to things I hadn’t previously conquered. #theprotocolworks
I have always had high cholesterol (runs in the family) even though my body fat is low double digits. I will be curious to see how that looks next time I check it.
The mental game is still the toughest in managing the pain so I am using these positive changes as inspiration of better days ahead. I am mentally regarding the pain as something that’s just part of me for now.
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