Peripheral Neuropathy

Well guys, I’m 6 days in to FINALLY quitting my last does of Rx meds for PN and relying solely on the protocol. I must admit, I have been on the protocol about 6 weeks, and have had such great results, and NO more tingling, shocks when I get in bed at night. Having had this for so many years and having been disappointed so many times having spent thousands of dollars on “promising” treatments,” I have been afraid to let go of my final 160 mg pill of Savella. I was so afraid that it would all come screaming back, and I would be left yet again, hopeless and helpless. Six days ago, I ran out of my Savella, and decided to sink or swim. Well, I’m swimming! I am militantly sticking to the Protocol and walking in complete confidence that this great answer to prayer is what we have all been searching for. Thank you, Bob D., for being the best of all guinea pigs and for being so tenacious in guiding, urging and walking this path with us.

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