Peripheral Neuropathy

I am so impressed – Saw my doc (DO) this morning – a fairly new one – He is adding an holistic wellness approach to his practice – newsletters with healthy eating – exercise advise – giving people some control over their lives instead of pills – we spoke of coconut oil – fish oil – supplements -etc – and I was told that too many people come in just for pain meds and never once was I offered the traditional meds handed out for pain/neuropathy – He spent so much time with me that I was concerned about the patients waiting to be seen – We spoke of the “whole” body – not just the pain – I almost cried at the attention and concern – no need to go back for 6 months – and as we all know – our mental attitude – our taking control – our support of each other – our nutrition – that is all up to us – I am a bit stoked this morning –

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