Peripheral Neuropathy

#theprotocolworks …. this is just my reinforcement that the protocol works, along with diet and exercise for whole body healing…
2003 had my 1st MRI of my left foot (because of overpronation) and was told by a Dr at Hughston Clinic, Columbus, GA, there was nothing he could do for my foot except slit the Mylan Sheaves to let the inflammation flow out. After this surgery is when neuropathy hit me full force. I would walk the floor at night in circles begging for the pain to stop.
2014 went back to same Dr had 2nd MRI and was told my tendons were even worse and all he could do was the same surgery again. I told him no. Found a different Dr in Pensacola, FL, who put a stent in my ankle to correct my overpronation, (because I was told my tendons were shredded so bad there was no way my overproduction could be corrected otherwise.)
2020 just had a new MRI of my left foot … guess what? My tendons have healed themselves, yes there is scaring from all the shredding but a new Dr at Hughston clinic said he was amazed at how well the tendons in my foot had healed….only difference between 2014 and 2020…I started on full protocol June 2017, the protocol, eating better and exercising when I could. Just had surgery on Wednesday of past week to remove the stent and the Dr said I would have a completely new foot when all the healing takes place (as far as the overpronation goes). So grateful for Bob sharing this protocol with all of us! My experience goes to prove that the protocol works on all parts of the body not just our neuropathy!
Looking forward to continued healing with the protocol!
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