Idiopathic SFN

I would like some advice, information , support from some of the Veteran members and moderators as I consider myself a Vet now. I am 10 months on Protocol, and I have been spending a lot of time lately exploring reasons for my neuropathy with my FMD and addressing them.. as I believe that and lifestyle change create the circle of success of the Protocol. I am on a few additional supplements to address issues that have been found but no change in my Protocol. My feet feel as close to *normal* as they have felt in a year , a little buzzy and tingling and in general I was starting to think I had found the combination for me…..for the last week I have had cold weird shins and thighs again almost like I had in the beginning beyond just annoying … this point can you still have awakening nerves that have to annoy you first? Nothing has changed….I walk 2-3 miles a day because I can now, I am per Dr order gluten free, dairy free and very little red meat. The supplements I’ve had to add are extra D3, Folate, and Bergamot the rest is mostly diet .Also my iron levels are way too high. I know I need to carry on and I know I will, just a little advice would be appreciated. And as always #theprotocolworks

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