Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy

I just watched Bob’s video from last night and have to make a confession. I really wanted to keep this a secret but decided it would benefit the newbies. I went on vacation for a week last week of June. I faithfully packed all protocol elements, in the weekly pouches and carried them on to make sure they made it. I used the pill form of B12 to make things easier but prefer the liquid. The HSO was checked in. After reaching the destination I realized I forgot my 3 Tbsps. measuring spoon for the HSO. Then I made a very bad decision and decided I would skip the oil for the week. Bad decision indeed….. by the end of the week, I could barely walk. In the airport, it was as though I was walking with a shoe full of sharp gravel. Its has taken me nearly 2 weeks of re-instating the HSO to get my feet back to pre-trip baseline. It just goes to show that you need all of the elements in the full amount to heal. My feet are now better because #theprotocolworks.

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