Idiopathic neuropathy

A few years ago I was officially diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy. In December 2012 I had a successful five way bypass. The pain in my feet started shortly there after. I was put on 3200 mg of Gabapentin.
Before starting the protocol Bob said to make sure and have all blood work completed, and also make sure to check B1, B6, and B 12 levels. All my blood levels were good except For a high B6 of 75. Bob advised me to stop the Centrum Multi vitamin which had been spiking my levels.
Imagine, Six different doctors one of which a neurologist an He never mentioned nor checked my B6 levels. Yet I had at his request every other test imaginable $$$$. The doctors findings; “Well, at least we now know you have idiopathic neuropathy.” I knew from the very onset -upon stumbling onto this group there would be no pre-celebrations or false calls on my part. Here’s my reasoning. To be perfectly honest, Too many medical let Downs-over the course of four years researching, and researching, on my part and getting nowhere. Actually regressing if anything. My high hopes dashed on many occasions. I had to be certain I could walk for miles and go to the gym every day, and at the same time remain n
pain-free, especially evenings while relaxing. I had to be certain my battle of unrelenting pain was behind me. I have my life back! With that said, I’m now healed from excruciating pain. My pain levels have gone from a 10 down to a very tolerable two worst case. I have totally weaned off Gabapentin. So Let the celebration begin; it’s now official “THE PROTOCOL WORKS”.
I feel I was perfectly prepped for this group….The message rang loud and clear; The pre-requisite read, read, read, and then read some more. Challenging to say the least, it was hard understanding all the medical jargon without absolutely any formal health knowledge. Daunting at best. Nevertheless, I pressed on read, read, read as the onus was on me to educate myself. It was really a no-brainer; someone already had completed all the painstaking research, as I’m on the receiving end reaping the benefits of a perfectly, time-tested, tweaked and retweaked vitamin regimen to follow. I listened. I heard and listened some more, don’t deviate one iota.
Oh yes, Can’t forget to mention Bob our sacrificial lamb. He’s taking giving back to a whole new dimension.
After four months of following the protocol, I’m elated to say I’m out of pain and have my life back.
Forgive me, I’ll speak for Bob; “all I can do is point and the rest is up to you”. I’m sorry Words can never express my unwavering gratitude. I’m forever in debt to Bob and his group of highly knowledgeable carefully handpicked individuals to cap off his team of passionate, giving, caretakers. Too many to name.
Why after all these years mess with the recipe now? Grandma learned how to cook in Collabra Italy. Grandmas gravy is delicious. And it works. Clich√© yes; but if it’s not broke why fix it?
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