Idiopathic neuropathy

Hey guys and girls. I haven’t been around much lately and for that I’m sorry. What I’m not sorry for is being able to live my life to the absolute fullest. I have a job now and have to fit in walking my very energetic dog three times a day too. This would have been impossible just over a year ago.
I was diagnosed with Idiopathic neuropathy 20 years ago and was tested and retested for everything. I was pulled inside out but still no cause could be found and my symptoms got worse. I stopped working. My marriage failed and I was alone and depressed.
16 months ago I started the protocol and luckily for me after a wobbly start because of tummy issues I have massive improvements in my symptoms such that most days I hardly feel even slight tingling let alone excruciating pain.
I could go on giving examples of what I couldn’t do and now can but suffice to say #theprotooclworks. Went hiking in France last week. No I’m not running marathons like I did years ago but come on I’m old now anyway lol. I’ll take hikes up mountains with beautiful scenery over sitting wallowing in self pity and pain.
Again #theprotocolworks. It really does and I’m the most skeptical of people.
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