Hereditary Peripheral Neuropathy

There are things that maybe only I do not understand are just doesn’t mean much to me to find out. First I hate, HATE, going to Dr.’s…I have had neuropathy since 2002. One Dr. put me on Lyrica (even though I wasn’t even pre diabetic, if there is such a thing) and sent me to a neurologist. A very truthful Neurologist who looked at my feet and right off the bat told me not to take the Lyrica, that it would do me no good. My neuropathy is hereditary and was probably brought on by some of the injuries I have had to my left foot. I will quit rambling but my question is, since I have never had any of the testing done that it seems like everyone else has, do I need to have all this testing done? That Dr. told there was nothing that could be done for neuropathy. I searched and have taken all kinds of supplements, most which are in the protocol. I am on full protocol, have been for a whole week and half now. I don’t have the shooting electrical shocks that I was having and finally I can sleep at night. If this is all protocol ever does for me count me in for the rest of my life! I’m loving the energy! Thank you, Bob Diamond, for putting the whole package together…. what good does it do to have all the testing done if nothing can be done?

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