Hashimoto, Hypothyroidism, Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi, I was officially diagnosed after feeling like a human pin cushion with the tests. That was probably seven or so years ago. Was having a lot of pain in my feet; I was a meter reader at that time, for approx 20 years and most days would walk ten plus miles. Most weeks we worked Sat. also. So, twenty yrs, over time most nights and Sat which was approx 60 hrs a week of walking. Came home each night and walked the dogs another 1-2 miles at least. They put me on 300 mg of Gabapentin. Also developed pre diabetes 12/13 years ago, along with high cholesterol which they put me on statins. Had a bad time with Hashi’s and my hypothyroidism, getting it under control. I fired my Endos at U of M and learned as much as I could. My regular Dr walked right along side of me and we got my thyroid difficulties under control. A lot of studying…and definitely changing to a drug that had both t3 and t4…Forgot to mention that I was a long distance swimmer for exercise for years also. Anyway, I after several years I removed the statins. I think they did more harm then good. I also think they may have caused my diabetes. My Dr said one more point in my A1C and I would be on meds. I was a 7 something, if I remember correctly. So, I studied again. I went on a low carb way of eating. Also removed all grains from my diet. No sugar, although some Splenda/Stevia. Very little fruit except berries sometimes. Most of my food is homemade. My last A1C was 5.5. Totally controlled by diet. Yay! I retired a year ago January. Was hoping that not walking the amount I was, would help slow the progression of numbness that was now creeping up my legs. They also raised my Gab to 600 a day several years ago and was going to raise it again about a year later which I refused. Numbness up to my knees. Then was told Gab was becoming a controlled substance. I didn’t want to be on it. So I started researching about PN and attempting to learn about it. Found your site, and jumped in with both feet. Went down by myself to one 300 pill a day. Went to the Dr and discussed removing all together and what I planned to do. Such an awesome Dr! Stood behind me 100% again. Ordered everything and began a couple of weeks ago. I already feel like it’s helping my right leg numbness, like it’s gone down a short way under my right knee. This morning I woke up and stretched and thought my leg feels pretty good! It certainly isn’t worse and I’ll take that! Other things that I also incorporate are some stretching exercises, soaks in Epsom salts, and meditation for healing nerves. Can be found on YouTube if you do a search, certain beats to heal. At night before sleep I also listen to healing tapes. I do also believe that the lessening of stress helps. Once I retired I started to relax, I didn’t realize how stressful work was until I quit. I also had been going through some pretty heavy duty grieving…lost my whole family last several years, and my dog. Now I’m starting to heal from that , which will help me heal physically too. Sorry, I tend to ramble on. So glad to have found you all. I totally believe in healing and also the power of the mind.
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