Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, Heart disease

One Dr. said I had fibromyalgia and the other Dr. said I had Peripheral Neuropathy (Idiopathic) around 2012, but way back in 2002 I had gone in-for a nerve test to see why I was having pains in my feet, legs and hips. It came back normal. The Dr. prescribed Lyrica 50 mg in 2012 It kind of worked but then all my symptoms came back and the Drs. answer was to up the dose. I was taking 50mg 3x a day. I didn’t like how I was feeling on this drug so started looking for ways to get off the drug. And I found the Solutions to Peripheral Neuropathy group. If you’ve ever seen a list of the side effects of Lyrica I had them weight gain, foggy brain, nervousness, on and on. I feel like it also raised my blood sugar to the point where the Drs added metformin to my list of drugs. They said I was borderline diabetic, but after getting off the Lyrica and watching diet etc. I didn’t have high blood sugars. And I haven’t taken metformin since.
I started the Protocol on Oct. 16, 2016 and have weaned off about 13 prescriptions I was taking, I did go back on a couple of heart medicines because of my heart condition but even those are at the lowest dosage because the vitamins and supplements I’m taking with the protocol also helped with my heart condition. I also feel that being on the Protocol has helped me recover faster from several surgeries I have had.
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