Diabetic, Peripheral Neuropathy, Small Fiber Neuropathy

When I came to this group it was because in January at a traffic light I experienced burning hands and feet and on the right side of my upper back. The burning slowly subsided over a few months to numbness and tingling in my fingers and toes with weird other sensations throughout my body. Sometimes my food would come up, I had double vision, feeling chills up and down my legs. My whole body was stiff and wanted to tilt to the right. Eventually my neurologist told me I had SFN of unknown cause. Once I researched it, I started taking the wrong ala and a few other supplements including B6. I also cleaned up my diet. I’d been prediabetic for a few years. But due to a sick kiddo I’d been living on junk food for five months. All sugar and carbs. I thought I was doing okay until I woke up one morning in May with my hands and feet inflamed with red skin along with my face, arms and legs and random other parts of my body. Lots of electrical shocks. I joined another fb group for burners and was pointed in this direction. I started the Protocol May 24. My symptoms started diminishing almost immediately. Softening up. First the burning becoming less painful. The shocks all but gone. Every symptom became less intense over time.
I think I’ve had two awakenings. Both times my symptoms became greater, but then as it passed I was left with more feeling, or rather more normal feeling. For example the first time led to no numbness in my toes and a lot less in my hands. No more reactions to heat where as before if I was out in the sun my hands and feet would swell up and turn red and burn. That just doesn’t happen any more, though I’m not pushing things by hitting the beach!
A couple weeks ago I think I had a second awakening. This time instead of burning I was gifted with the itches. My hands, arms, feet and fingers mainly with other random parts. I’m still itching but it’s subsiding and I feel even less intense SFN symptoms. I have more fine finger and foot touch sensations. I can open jars easier. I feel my dogs fur when I pet them. I can tweeze my pun eyebrows. Have you ever tried to open a Kevita? I can do that now!! I can carry six shopping bags without my skin in my elbows yelling at me. I still have SFN but it’s a lot less painful and annoying. Hope I continue to heal. Thank you

Bob Diamond for being so inquisitive and sharing your knowledge.
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