Degenerative Disc Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy

Do you know what it’s like when the only thing you think of from the second you wake up in the morning until you medicate yourself to sleep at night is pain? I once did and still have my limitations.
My insult pretty much started the day I was born. Throbbing in my heels started when I was 19 years old. DDD surfaced in my mid 40’s and Neuropathy was full blown in 2014. I inherited Degenerative Disc Disease (L3, L4 & L5) herniated discs with Sciatica, 2011 … mesh toxicity (bladder support).
Of course, I went through the system with Traditional methods of health care with bad results and they failed me. Fortunately, they never cut me. Back surgery wasn’t necessary after doing my research. I started using in-home inversion therapy to reduce my Sciatica 60% within 4 years. Slow process but has proven to be more effective than pharmaceuticals.
Further research into Neuropathy lead me to the Solutions to PNPD Group. Almost 2 years on The Protocol and pain no longer interferes with my sleep. I’m no longer bedridden. I can wear shoes. I can drive again without the burning or the gremlins jabbing at my feet and lower legs. It no longer takes forever to prepare a meal or clean up around the house. Getting around and doing basic chores is becoming more manageable.
The Protocol has reduced my Neuropathy symptoms by 85% and I feel the Sciatica has reduced an additional 30%. Natural healing is actually healing me and it is an amazing feeling. Bob’s research made my research less time consuming and frustrating. I am dedicated to The Protocol. Functional healing has become a new way of wellness. #theprotocolworks
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