DDD, PN, Sciatica, Herniated discs

OMG. I had a text from my pharmacy that an RX medicine was filled and ready for me to pick up yesterday. I just called them to ask what it was cause none of my current RX bottles had the #### on it. When the tech told me it was Gabapentin 800mg I told her I don’t want it. I stopped that crappy sick inducing Bad RX drug back in May. It took me 1 & 1/2 months to wean off that bad drug. And by stopping it I feel better since on the Protocol supplements. That bad drug was costing me $90.00 for a 3 month supply. And the quantity of that 3 month supply was 270 large horse pill tablets. I told them 2months ago to delete it out of their computer and off my file. They Just Don’t GET IT!

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