Critical Illness Polyneuropathy

My Story – I was 63 years old and had just run my 1st half marathon. I was in superb shape and on zero pharma. I began experiencing lower abdominal pain. My GI doctor did a procedure looking for the cause of my pain and severely injured my pancreas. I was rushed into ICU. I barely pulled through. One of the end results of my ICU stay was getting Critical Illness Polyneuropathy. After being out of the hospital for 7 months I noticed my feet and knees were numb. Thus, the critical illness polyneuropathy diagnosis in July of 2017. My neuropathy is severe. I was told that within 2 years I would be completely incapacitated and in a wheelchair. I fell apart then went into fb looking for a group. When I found the group with the name solutions in Solutions to Peripheral Neuropathy, I jumped right in. I needed a quick solution, not just a group. I believe it was October 2017 when I began taking The Protocol 525. At that time, I was having extreme pain in my hands, my hands shook, my feet burned at night and at times I could not feel my feet so I could not walk. It was devastating. It took almost a year for The Protocol to help. My hand pain is gone. My hands stopped shaking however periodically they shake when I am trying to hold onto anything tightly. My feet stopped burning but I do still have some burning but ever so slight. I now walk fine. Not being able to walk was my biggest fear. So far, I am fine. I will be 70 in July. I ride my bike. I play pickleball and on and on. I hold my own and am so grateful to Bob Diamond for his fortitude and brilliance in creating The Protocol 525.

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