Chemo, PN, Lymphedema, Autoimmune (Stills), RA, SIBO

I had my yearly oncologist appt this week.
Last year at my annual appt I was a mess. I remember saying I was getting worse and life wasn’t worth living and that if I had to take the drugs, I would rather not live. Needless to say, I got worse. Couldn’t do a thing. Couldn’t walk, toilet, climb, drive dress. Nothing. Then someone from another support group led me to this group. I ordered the protocol the same day. It was my last ditch effort to get help.
I was that desperate. 10 months later, I see my oncologist and I am no longer a mess. I am better. So my oncologist asked what I was doing to see such a big improvement. So I told her all that I have been doing.
Grateful to this group and the Protocol. Thank you.

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