Chemo, PN, Lymphedema, Autoimmune (Stills), RA, SIBO

I have been a long time member. I joined 4 years ago after a bad colonoscopy and resulting exacerbation of my neuropathy that put me in a wheelchair. I have personal history of cancer, neuropathy, lymphedema, autoimmune (Stills), rheumatoid arthritis, SIBO.
My Wednesday colonoscopy was, for the first time in 30 years of bad colonoscopy results, perfect. Perfect. No bad results. The only thing that was different from 4 years ago and going back 30 years, was that I joined this Solutions group. I joined 4 years ago. And I started on the Protocol. I believe the Protocol helps not only with neuropathy but with all inflammations. All disease is inflammation.
Thank you for your support. I have learned so much. And please stay well. And stay safe.
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