Cervical Myelopathy, Peripheral Neuropathy

I’m busy doing whatever I can without the pain I had 7 months ago.
To catch up most of you, I have DPN, Cervical Myelopathy and a Brain full of Sarcasm. I was a wreck back in the early prehistoric days of The Solutions to Peripheral Neuropathy.
Bob Diamond and the Protocol saved me. The first full week of full Protocol. I cleaned my garage but, had to slow down eventually because of other issues.
I am 7 months Full Protocol and I have great Days and good moments, I know my New Normal and its nothing like I had before the Protocol. The Zaps and stabbings of electricity happen so rarely I’m surprised when I get one. Don’t forget to thank your Moderators, they care. They are all volunteer and they Love Being here. We are all damaged but together we are whole. Don’t think so long about something that just might return some Quality back to your life, As for me #theprotocolworks
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