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My visit with the pcp was uneventful, he was cordial after I read him my angry letter of concern about referrals prior to patient consultation and the marital and personal stress it caused. He had referred me to only two of the three facilities that called, agreed with me to hold on arrhythmia specialist until I get my homocysteine plasma values into normal range by reducing my coffee consumption by 3/4 as it has a dose response relationship to homocysteine levels and I was drinking 20-25 cups a day, in two months I’ll return for another homocysteine test. Regarding the referrals he was surprised I had received any calls, “normally they take three to six weeks” he said. Yeah… I’m still waiting for a Endocrinologist referral for two months now. As I was walking out of the exam room he called out “Mr. B, tell your wife I said you are going to be around for a while.” All’s well that ends well. Thank you all for your support. Now back to helping those who need to understand #theprotocolworks

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