I would like to update you with my progress. I suffer BMS (Burning mouth syndrome). I don’t know why I have it as I am classed as primary sufferer.
I have only been on the full Protocol for one week. Just one week and my burning and horrible tastes have stopped. Also My mouth no longer feels dry . All I have is a slight strange sensation and taste towards the end of the day.
I have also changed my life style, as recommended.
I do not eat processed food. I eat more fruit and veg, less meat. I drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day. I no longer drink tea, coffee, alcohol but now drink organic Rooibos tea. I exercise more and have lost 9lb in two weeks.
I was expecting weeks or months to feel different. I don’t know if I have neuropathy but as far as I can see The Protocol has worked for me.
Thank you.
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