B6 toxicity, Peripheral Neuropathy

Good afternoon to all you guys and gals! I thought it be the right time to give a report on my condition since beginning the Protocol 32 days ago. It’s been a rough road so far,(except for losing 22 lbs), but without any doubt it has been worth it. I foolishly didn’t listen to you Mr. Bob and the group and started my detoxing too soon. Now I’m paying for it. I had no problems weaning myself down from 600mg of Lyrica down to 200mg, but since then the burning and the discomfort has increased. I’m completely off of the Lyrica now and just will have to be patient with my healing!! I know I watched and read that it can feel the same when the nerves are starting to heal. I have had no problems with the HSO and the fish oil, since my ole broken “rearend” has healed. I do have somedays when my stomach is a little quizzy feeling with what I believe is the RALA. I got my blood work back several weeks ago but thought it be best to search the site for answers and possible questions to ask. My B6 was what I was expecting it to be since I was on Metnax for a year and Nervestra for 3 months at a toxic level of 184.7 My B12 @ 1500, Magnesium @ 2.1, Folic acid @ 22.30 and Vit.D @ 32.7 I plan on getting tested again in 3 months. You guys just amaze me with all the knowledge and expertise you “all” have!! I feel like a little infant baby inside my play pin. Thank you all again and again for allowing to me to be part of this great group!!! Any comments or recommendations that any of you have would be appreciated!! I know one thing for sure, not because I have experienced it myself but have had great strides in my journey so far, but have read too many testimonials that: #theprotocolworks

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