Alcohol-induced Neuropathy, PN

365 days ago I began the protocol. What’s happened since then? Well, I must say it was a rocky start as many have found out as the body makes its adjustments to the oil and other things. Pretty darn unpleasant but thankfully it passed within a couple of weeks. I take the protocol faithfully at exactly 6am, 2pm and 8 pm everyday with the hemp seed oil at exactly 5 pm. I have removed the laundry list of medications with the exception of the gabapentin. For those of you that are able to get off that stuff in days or weeks my hat goes off to you. I am a little different in that I am forced to taper extremely slow or my body WILL go into seizures. That said with the water taper method I have been able to get from 2400mg per day to 500mg per day so I am making steady progress and am very proud of that! Thanks to this group I have learned many tips and tricks along the way that aid in relief. I have found that wearing compression leggings helps tons and adds stability to my otherwise rubber legs. My diet is as perfect as I can make it short of eating wood. There are somedays when gritting your teeth and bearing it just won’t cut it. I think it’s wonderful when I see folks start the protocol and read about the hope they have just like I did exactly one year ago today. When I see people get almost instant results I think that’s great and brings great hope to everyone else. For me everything happens at a snails pace. If you would have asked me 6 months ago what I thought about the protocol I would have said I don’t think it’s working. In my case it’s like watching a clock. You don’t see it moving but it is. Today as I reflect back I realize it is helping. I find myself really not thinking about my neuropathy any more which is obviously success. I still have pain and burning and weakness but it’s not all consuming as it was before. I started this with my eye on the long haul and that’s what it has proven to be but like I have said before, I don’t expect to undo 45 years of nerve damage overnight. To all you folks that are thinking about the protocol I suggest you give it a go. Do it with an open mind and roll with the ups and downs along the way. Remember, try not to watch the clock. To all that have pointed me in the right direction along the way, thank you! Here’s to even more progress in year 2. Here’s to a pain free life. #theprotocolworks

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