Small Fiber Neuropathy

I went to the grocery store last night without my list. I remembered 20 out of 21 things that I needed. That is incredible considering this time last year, I would not have been able to remember 5 out of 5 things on a list.
SFN affected my brain in so many detrimental ways. It was scary not being able to remember simple steps to functioning capabilities, the difficulty making decisions, the constant brain fog and the loss of both verbal abilities and vocabulary. I seem to have gotten 90% of that back now along with the neuron connections I missed so much. I am working on getting all of that back up to speed now. I remain so grateful for the protocol!
For me, it seems as if my physical functions were affected first and the brain difficulties followed so it’s not surprising that the healing was the exact same way. First the physical, then the brain. It all comes back. #theprotocolworks
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