Small Fiber Neuropathy

This might be me speaking too soon, but positivity is never a bad thing, so here goes…
A few major factors have changed in my life in the last two weeks:
1. The Protocol
2. Intermittent fasting (in addition to all the usual hardcore eliminations)
3. Increased exercise
4. Prednisone (just a low short-term pulse dosage – not chronic)
For the first time in five months, I have been able to run again (4x 5km per week) – and that’s after I spent the entire festive season bedridden, and almost had to postpone my wedding in January. I can wear skinny jeans and normal shoes again without massive pain and discomfort – goodbye leggings and orthopedics. My colleagues have commented on the fact that I look like myself again, for the first time in months.
I don’t know how much each factor is contributing at the moment (as I started them all simultaneously), but I’ve tried so many different things, and this is the first time I can say there is undeniable improvement.
My doctor seems to think that mine may be an inflammatory neuritis, as it’s improving far more rapidly than it would in the case of nerve damage (but who knows). I do think the prednisone is helping to take the edge off, but I’ve been on it before, and it was nowhere near as effective as this (maybe a 10% improvement, and very short-lived, whereas now I’d say it’s almost 50%). I am amazed, and just hope and pray that this lasts!
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