Sjogren’s, SFN

I am very close to celebrating one year on the protocol. I no longer burn, at all. I just went back to work after being unemployed for 2 years from being attacked by Sjogren’s and short fiber nerve neuropathy. If you want your life back,  start the supplements and the hemp seed oil. It doesn’t take long before the burning begins to decrease and energy begins to increase. So many aches and pains fade away.
It is absolutely amazing and I’d say pretty darn close to a miracle. I was told there was no cure for this, no solution, no treatment, nothing that would help at all. I feel like I’ve been blessed to have found the only solution there is for neuropathy. I did a tremendous amount of research because I was not going to give up and I was not going to live in that kind of pain for the next 20 or 30 years. This is the only real, practical thing I have found that actually works. I did not accept no. #theprotocolworks
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