Sjogren’s, Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi my friends and thank you all for your time, encouragement, support, heartburn OVC’s, Digestive enzyme ideas and more. Well the migraines have passed! Yippie. Hopefully they won’t come back again.(PS I took Feverfew for the migraines & hot/cold compresses on my head & neck). (That was the first week and 1/2, we still don’t understand why I got them, and neither does my doctor). They were so bad I was thinking of going on Medical Marijuana and my doctor supported me in that request, that was how bad my head hurt. So now they are Gone! Now I have this inner energy that I have not had since before I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s & PN, and Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, and a host of other crazy diseases. I realize that I must have needed the vitamins and oils in this protocol very badly. My body must have been screaming at me with burning flair-ups & electrical shocks 24/7 telling me, help me, help me! The flair-ups have absolutely lessened. Ok, now here is the kicker, for months I felt this ongoing brain fog, like being under a spell of some sort. Like as if there was a shield over me and I could not see through it! It was so bad I had decided to close my music business even though I love it. This week, I feel like I got my head back on my shoulders and I am not fighting my mind like I was. I am not questioning my work over and over again. Not re-figuring & recalculating my numbers a hundred times. My hubby has been helping me along as he saw how frustrated I was. I can’t say it is 100%, but I will say it is pretty close to 80% improved! Just to let you know how bad my brain fog was I could not figure out how to measure out the drops & oils. My hubby Steve has been setting up my Hemp Oil Shot glass and my other liquids every AM & PM, he also uses an AM and PM pill box and every week he sets up my pills. He realized if he didn’t I would forget if I took them or not. I don’t have to read anything, figure anything out, and all is going smoothly. He told me he noticed that my mind is clearer and I seem more able. So it is not a fantasy that the protocol has already started to have a positive affect on me, it is REALITY! I am so happy to say that for me #theprotocolworks Honestly, I am in shock that I am already seeing some of the affects of using the protocol, I guess I was a bit skeptical, maybe a non-believer of sorts, just reaching out grabbing a rope and hoping this will be something to improve me at “any level”. I would have taken the smallest level of improvement. PS Today I did not have the fatigue I usually have, so I cleaned out my closest and prepared a bag for the United War Veterans. Just one of the many charities I give to. G-d bless you all and I hope that you see the same rainbow of beautiful lights and that it does not take you long to feel a New Normal. Thank you again to all the friends I have made, that have connected with me, answered my crazy questions and had the patience and warmth to help me through the understanding of the protocol and the possible unknowns and difficulties. And again Thank you. I am dancing with joy today!

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