Sjogren’s, Fibro, Floxed, SFN

Twenty years of pain from Lyme, cancer treatments, Sjogrens, Cipro, and Fibro. I have been on every medication you can think of and all it ever did was drug me into a stupor. Twice when my husband was traveling I mixed meds incorrectly and knocked myself out for over 12 hours, it was not a nap, I was out cold. At one point there was a bigger chance of me overdosing than being killed by my bladder cancer.
Finally this summer I got to see a Dr. in Boston who teaches at Harvard and diagnosed SFN. At the second appointment he looked at me and asked what I had been doing differently? He said he was just about to tell me to apply for disability because he had nothing for me that I had not already tried. But I looked different, moved different, and lost the hopeless look I had before.
I handed him the list of what the Protocol included. He asked questions, shook his head a lot, repeated the disability idea, and generally looked surprised. He poked me, asked my husband questions and asked if I needed to have an appointment just to be sure? I told him I would call if I needed him. His final words were “keep taking the vitamins and let me know how it goes”!
Fast forward eight weeks:
Lyrica-gone, Flexeril-gone, Cymbalta-gone! Burning pain- tingles occasionally. Body aches – gone!
Eight weeks from pain and tears to walking almost 3 miles at the mall shopping today! My SFN has been quieted and I don’t ever want to hear from it again.
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