I received the Protocol today. Bob D., there are no words. Yes, as a woman, I got teary eyed. Your word is gold. So is the Protocol. I was amazed at the professional delivery of the Protocol and the hemp oil. First class.
To think that September of 2018 I was in Boulder Colorado and got up in a restaurant and could not feel my feet and thus was not able to walk, to now in 2020 never having that symptom again is 100% due to the Protocol. As I have gotten older, I have lost my filter and tell it like it is. I would never get on this website and tell each of you the Protocol took away all of my excruciating hand pain, my inability to feel my feet many times and not be able to walk, my inability to sleep due to the pain and burning in my feet at night if it weren’t true. The Protocol works! The doctor who diagnosed me with severe critical illness polyneuropathy in August 2017 told me I would be in a wheelchair within 2 years and completely incapacitated shortly thereafter might have been right had I not found this website and jumped immediately into taking the Protocol. I have my life back.
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