Polyneuropathy from B6 toxicity

Hello everyone I’ve been a member for close to 3 years. I’ve been on protocol for the same amount of time. Words cannot express how much this group and the protocol has helped me. I don’t post much because using the search feature answers all of my questions. Recently, I have developed a new symptom that I can’t find in the search. The only way to describe it is, I’m getting a muscle or nerve twitch in my inner ear. It’s like the eye twitch but it’s in my ear. I can physically hear it and feel it it is maddening and driving me nuts. It’s not my ear drum or Eustachian tube as I had it all checked out. It’s a firing of a nerve that’s causing a muscle to rapidly contract. The thing is when this is occurring all my everyday symptoms that have plagued me disappear. Can this be another part of the healing process? I mean I am symptom free as I write this except for this maddening new development. Here’s another weird thing. I read in group search about magnesium and how it calms the nervous system so being desperate for relief I popped two extra magnesium tablets and within 1 hour the twitch stopped . It stopped for a good four hours. Any body have any suggestions or similar experience? I have polyneuropathy from b6 poisoning . Bob and his protocol and this group have changed my life, I don’t know where I would be right now without this group.

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