PN, Axonal Sensory Neuropathy

I agree with everything this group has to offer , I have had this so call “neuropathy” for almost two yrs. with a remission last yr for 6 months, but came back with a vengeance. neurologists are clueless. One diagnosed axonal sensory neuropathy, last NCV normal. All they do is prescribe gabapentin, duloxetine, etc. nothing else. One said to see a psychiatrist?. I know I’m extremely anxious about this, but please. By the way, these poisonous drugs have not done anything either. I’m going to start protocol as soon as I get back home. All I want is relief, from these awful symptoms, luckily they are affecting my feet and legs, primarily my right foot. also incorporating a better diet, eliminating all carbs , sugars and processed foods may help.

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