PN, Anti-MAG, Cervical Dystonia

Hi everyone! I just got back from my neuro appointment so I missed most of the Live with Bob. All good news, I would say. She was pleasantly surprised to hear that my PN symptoms have improved quite noticeably in only 2 months on the Protocol. She tested to have the change for her records and told me to keep doing what I am doing! Yay! #theprotocolworks! My Bloodwork also shows I tested positive for anti-MAG which I have been reading about for some time now while waiting for the test results. Are there others in the group who have this? It is autoimmune and is pretty rare…and mostly in males…and here I am! Good news is that it generally progresses more slowly than most of those conditions and most people keep fairly good mobility. With the Protocol, I will do better than that!! If anyone has info I should know, please pass it on. Thanks! I will post an article that explains the condition simply and well.

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