Peripheral Neuropathy, Trigeminal neuralgia, MS

This is my second day using the protocol. Since I like hemp oil instead of purchasing the pills I got the oil and added some onto my salad. Hope I have good news to report next week. I got my B12 results back yesterday and they were good over 2,000 and next week I get my Lymes disease result back from the Mayo Clinic. My Internist fully approved of the protocol but he’s the type that if he can get answers of why he is trying to explore every avenue. He was so upset that Neurology let it go on this long. On a totally different subject I was suffering Trigeminal neuralgia/cluster headaches every day and those have disappeared. I belong to that group too so if this continues, would you like me to share this protocol with them? Keeping my fingers crossed and will report to you soon. No side effects at all. Yay
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