Peripheral Neuropathy, Spinal Stenosis

Operation status update: After a gruesome 5 days at rehab where they still not manage my pain, my neurosurgeon had me readmitted to the hospital last Thursday to get a handle on things. Due to lots of things falling through cracks, I have, unfortunately missed out on 2 weeks of good daily therapy, but the positive is that I am now, thankfully, home because I am doing so well. Finally got some services lined up beginning today. The most important piece I want to get across is that 13 years ago I also had major back surgery and at this point, I was still suffering with so much pain. I have been on the Protocol for almost one year now and I know #theprotocolworks and I believe that it has contributed to my healing sooner. I did not stop taking the protocol at any point before or after surgery. Snuck it all in and took on my own without anyone knowing. I feel the protocol may have helped my PN from progressing this past year, which has me starting off in a better place now. I do want to remind people that, while surgery is scary and not a first option, sometimes it is absolutely necessary! And do not be afraid. Remember we cannot heal if the damage is ongoing. I’m have seen improvement in my walk, balance, toes no longer curling under just since surgery on Nov 20. My goal is to put the walker in storage for at least the next 10 years. I am so grateful to Bob Diamond and all of the fine people in this group who encourage and support 24/7 and I am here to do the same for anyone of you that needs it. My wish for you all is a great holiday season and let’s concentrate on the good stuff and not let the whiners and moaners take over!!
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